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About Us

Bds Corporation is a well renowned conglomerate in Bangladesh having diversified business. It works as imports & exports, consultants, dealers, distributors of a number of national companies and IT solutions. Since its inception, it has built an effective business relationship with various government and semi-government organizations as well as private companies.

Our mission is to continue to challenge, to create new business models of our own, and to respond to our customers’ and the society’s needs. For that purpose, we started the Bds Corporation journey. We think it is necessary to deepen our business and develop our business according to the times, preceding the next generation.

Now we are seeing a big changing time in the social and economic environment. We believe the company is established by its members. We regard each person’s imaginations and challenging minds as precious, expect to cope with the changes, to create new values, and to lead the next generation. We also make our all efforts to continue to attain a sustainable growth, in the coexistence of the society, because the company’s value to the society corresponds to the social contribution. We at Bds Corporation continue to work as a team; respond to the next generation’s needs, and strive to create new values for the future. We the Bds Corporation believe our desire and action can be made customer satisfactions.

About Our Founder

Dipanker Sarker is an ambitious and optimistic business executive with over twenty years experience and proven abilities in MNCs operating in the Bangladesh market.

Dipanker Sarker the Managing Director of "Bds Corporation". Being a member of a much respected family, Dipanker Sarker engaged himself in the business of import & exports, consultants, dealers, distributors of a number of national companies and IT solutions.

Dipanker Sarker has a reputation among the business as well as industrial community, who really gets any business or project successfully implemented from its very conception up to production and marketing/sales, in spite of the various practical adversities and constraints that an investor faces in this country. He is also widely respected by a large section of businessman, especially by the trading and marketing partners around the country & India for keeping his business and financial commitments, honesty and maintaining the norms and business ethics.

Dipanker Sarker has organized diversified business where he is providing direct guidance and management. In fact, it is Dipanker Sarker’s tireless efforts that have lead the business and business related organization to his success, of which he is involved. He is also involved in the socio-humanitarian activities. We may conclude that Dipanker Sarker one of the excellent Managers and has proven abilities in entrepreneurship, strategic planning and managing large scale infrastructure projects.



Corporate Philosophy


To prosper together with desire and action can be made customers, shareholders, and employee satisfaction and to contribute to a prosperous society.

Management Policy

To take up the challenges of Innovation and to respond to market needs as a diversified and multi-faceted trading company.

Business Domains

To extend logistics centered operations to support services vital to consumers and industry

Action Guideline

To deliver customer satisfaction with creativity, innovation, sincerity and gratitude, and to act in compliance with the law and ethics.